Plastic recycling case studies

We work with companies around the world to offset their plastic production every year


We’re here to simplify the process of engaging in sustainability

At Second Life, we believe the easier and more accessible it is for companies to engage in plastic sustainability, the better. That’s why we work with you to understand your needs and your internal sustainability goals, and how plastic credits fit into your strategy framework.

We help you and your team calculate your annual plastic footprint to Verra-guidelines, see what projects fit with the goals and vision of your brand, and engage in the field to bring your commitment to life.

Our recycling impact

We believe that simple doesn’t have to mean low-impact

Second Life engages in some of the most vulnerable and heavily impacted communities around the world.

By engaging in the Second Life network, you’re choosing to support projects and initiatives that the highest ‘impact-on-investment’ from around the world: recovering ocean plastics from Thai islands lacking waste infrastructure, upcycling low-value plastics into roads and pavements, or supporting vulnerable fisherman communities through new streams of income.

Over 600,000+ kgs collected and recycled

Since our founding in January 2020, we’ve collected and recycled over 600,000+ kgs of ocean-bound and non-recyclable plastic in partnership with regional recyclers and local communities

The first Verra-certified plastic project in the world

We’re the first Verra-certified plastic waste reduction project to be certified globally, meaning our methodology and annual reporting follow standard guidelines, and are always independently audited by third-party validation and verification bodies

Engage in your key markets

We understand sometimes companies want to develop and support projects located in their key markets. At Second Life, we help locate viable projects for you, develop an on-the-ground network and team, and make sure your engagement is quantified and certified under international standards.

Caudalie recycling efforts

As founders of the French cosmetics brand Caudalie, Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas wanted to take responsibility for the 600 tons of plastics they use yearly for Caudalie products.

Already engaged with PUR Projet on reforestation projects worldwide, with more than 7 million trees planted, and on various initiatives to reduce packaging use and overall environmental impact, Caudalie sought to take pioneering action in plastic sustainability through its founding partnership with Second Life.