Recycling in Krabi, Thailand

Recovery and recycling plastic with Krabi’s coastal and island communities

Our project in partnership with Wongpanit Nua Klong

Wongpanit Krabi (WK), is a local branch of the Wongpanit National network of recyclers, one of the largest aggregator and recycling franchises in Thailand. Wongpanit Krabi operations cover the whole province of Krabi, now including coastal communities and surrounding islands. Wongpanit Krabi annually collects over 3000 tons of various recyclable waste that it sorts, bales and resells to Wongpanit National and other buyers locally and internationally.

Wongpanit Krabi engages with the network of local recyclers on islands and remote coastal areas and purchases additional ocean-bound plastics from them, thanks to the incentive from Second Life that supports the extra collection and transport costs of ocean plastics collection and delivery to the mainland.

Second Life gives on average 5 THB / kg to local collectors for collection and transport of collected ocean-bound plastic to Wongpanit Krabi, and an additional 1 THB / kg to Wongpanit Krabi for the monitoring and traceability of plastics collected and recycled.

Yearly tons collected

200 TONS

Recycled (locally & to Tide)

200 TONS

70 % PET ; 10% HDPE & PP, 20% others